Disaster prevention

Nanki Kumano was keeping suffering damage of a tidal wave by the trench type disastrous earthquake repeatedly.

The tidal wave damage,because of the southeast sea earthquake,was flooded from Nachi bay roughly in Showa of 1944 washed a railroad track of JR Kisei line away in Nachikatsuura Town and Kikatsuura Station fell.  A coastal area from Shirahama Town to Kushimoto Town suffers enormous damage by a tidal wave in case of the southern sea earthquake in Showa of 1946, and Fukuro in Kushimoto Town shows that a tidal wave beyond 6m reached.

To leave wisdom which confronts such tidal wave damage in posterity, a monument and a ranging pole were being built. There is a warning board on which the damage of a tidal wave and means of escape were recorded in Nichi-jinja Shrine in Shirahama Town also more than 30 points of arrival leveling pole of a tidal wave is left at a coastal area from Shirahama Town to Kushimoto Town. The arrival water level of the tidal wave in the past (about 7.9 m) is also indicated in Fukuro, Kushimoto Town in the inclination of the mountain as well as the arrival leveling pole of a tidal wave at the inside, and it’s really even conspicuous from a national highway. Tsunami Monument in Tenma area in Nachikatsuura Town in an eastern coast also the place-name to which going upstream of a tidal wave as “neck of fish” is said is also left for Ichinono area.

Tsunami Attain Mark Post in Fukuro
Tsunami Monument in Tenma

The talk of the people who experienced the Showa Tonankai earthquake and Showa Nankaido earthquake is inherited and is useful for conscious improvement to an earthquake and a tidal wave in an area. Such as consideration and practice of a refuge process based on a tidal wave hazard map start to be performed more actively than the past at all part in a coastal area after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 in particular, and evacuation sites is maintained and increases in the number of voluntary disaster prevention group, self-help and a measure to mutual assistance and the tidal wave damage which made unity are advanced.

The study to utilize for a prediction tells a memory in the past and elucidates recurrence period of a huge tidal wave from a study of the location and the age of the movement of the big pellet dotted around Hashikui-iwa Rock in Kushimoto Town,and develops at present, and big hope is had for reduction in damage of an earthquake and a tidal wave.

Hashigui-iwa Rock

Nanki Kumano is the area where landslide disaster by a torrential downpour and flood damage have been also repeated and received. Many rainfall brought to this place kept bringing abundant forest resources up, and caused Kii Peninsula Flood Disaster damage to Totsu-kawa Flood Disaster damage in Heisei era in Meiji era.

But people were making wisdom who confronts flood damage daringly developed. For example there is folklore of Hikogorou who became a human sacrifice to in Kamitonda Town was called a rampageous river formerly the embankment to protect a village. You see the sign of the River Chage Ruins where the flow channel on a river was changed to protect the surrounding town and fields from flood damage. 1 designed dive 2 bridges were also built by Tonda-gawa River and Koza-gawa River so as not to be destroyed by the time of a flood, and You can see that people in an area have associated with a flood well.

Hikogorou human sacrifice yukihi