About Nanki-Kumano Geopark Center

The Nanki Kumano Geopark Center is a facility that serves as a base for information dissemination and research in the Nanki Kumano Geopark.
At the center, the formation of the land of Nanki Kumano is made possible by projection mapping that projects powerful images such as volcanic eruptions on a large three-dimensional model of the Kii Peninsula, an experience device that reproduces the way the earth is created, and experiments on rivers and tsunamis by Geopark guides. And learn while enjoying the wonders of nature.

User guide

Address : Nanki-Kumano Geopark Center, 2838-3 Shionomisaki, Kushimoto-town, Wakayama 649-3502, Japan
Opening hours : 9:00 – 17:00
Closing day : Dec 28 – Jan 3
Free admission


From Kansai International Airport
Transfer from kansai Airport Station to Hineno Station by JR line (10 minutes)
Transfer to the limited express Kuroshio at Hineno Station, about 3 hours to kushimoto Station. (Approximately 5,300 JPY JR ticket)
From Kushimoto Station,take the “Kushimoto Sightseeing Tour Bus“ to Nanki Kumano Geopark Center for about 20 minutes (1,000 JPY one-day ticket)

Bus usage information in Kushimoto

Timetable for Kushimoto Sightseeing Tour Bus “Magutoru gou”.

Timetable for Kushimoto community bus

Contact information

Nanki-Kumano Geopark Center
2838-3 Shionomisaki, Kushimoto-town, Wakayama 649-3502, Japan
Tel : +81-735-67-7100
Fax : +81-735-67-7191
E-mail e0320005@pref.wakayama.lg.jp